• General Civil Litigation


    The Law Offices of Doc Anthony Anderson III are known for their special skill in legal issues and cases associated with corporate and individual clients, insured and self insured, in a wide range of business and personal civil litigation matters and alternative dispute resolution.  The offices are committed to providing the most effective representation at the lowest possible cost.

    The Law Offices are dedicated to providing personal attention to each individual case.  Responsiveness, attention to detail, sound legal judgement and common business sense combine to insure clients’ needs are paramount and there is a sincere commitment to serving that client’s legal needs.  In every situation, due consideration is given by the lawyer to practical alternatives to litigation, which and is, always in the client’s best interest.

    Affordable billing rates, open discussions with clients regarding legal fees and efficient attention to individual legal problems combine to take the uncertainty out of the area of legal fees.  Open discussions with clients concerning costs of services are encouraged.  A summary of the Law Offices’ billing policies and rates are available upon request.

    Areas of emphasis are noted on the following pages. A summary is available upon request.

  • Personal Injury

    The Law Offices handle personal injury cases at all stages of litigation, having particular expertise in defending clients and developing or negotiating settlements.  Particular areas of interest include automobile accidents, defective/dangerous products, slip and fall accidents, libel and slander, property damage, medical malpractice and wrongful death.


  • Business law

    It cannot be doubted that today’s business men and women find themselves in an environment that is increasingly legalized. Virtually all business activities are governed by laws enacted by a state legislature or Congress, promulgated by a local, state, or federal agency, or developed through the years in our judicial system.  Thus the legal environment of business embraces contractual agreements, sales, partnerships, corporate transactions, government regulations, as well as a vast number of other issues. The Law Offices have the experience and ability to assist clients, both corporate and individual, to successfully face and navigate this sea of complex law.


  • Employment Law

    More technical than many other areas of law, employment law requires meticulous attention to administrative procedures, the routine calendaring of numerous statute of limitations, and the daily monitoring of appellate decisions, in addition to the actual litigation of the case.  One should also recognize that employment litigation tends to be intensely emotional and often time consuming. The Law Offices’ attorneys are willing and able to advise clients as to substantive employment law in the areas of substantive law, statutory matters, and other related issues.


  • Admintstrative Law

    Administrative Law covers a wide and varied area of practice, encompassing many different types of governmental legal procedures and regulations.  Government and its public programs operate through various agencies on different levels - federal, state county and city.  These agencies are commonly known as boards, commissions, departments, and divisions.

    These governmental and public agencies have their own specific rules and regulations, which are not usually found in the statutes, with stringent procedures individuals must follow to obtain assistance from the agency and to file claims, grievances and appeals.

    The Law Offices has a pool of trained individuals who are trained and experienced in the techniques and methods and representation to offer assistance to maneuver through these complicated proceedings when dealing with governmental agencies, particularly when an individual client might be or has been terminated or their rights have been violated, limited or outright denied.




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